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The humblest kitchen can carry warm memories of comfort and togetherness. Alas, even the most faithful kitchen inevitably suffers its small injuries and quiet accumulations of graceful aging. Some kitchens merely lose their relevancy to modern sensibilities while other kitchens suffer from clear aesthetic and functional defects that clash with the expectations of the current residents. A few kitchens may even urgently demand expert attention to repair the consequences of sad neglect. All of these problems can be addressed with a thoughtful kitchen-remodeling project. In the hottest housing markets, springing for a kitchen remodel is a solid investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost. In Ohio, for instance, a $28,400 kitchen remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale, according to 2014 study.


While the bathroom may not be as central to daily life as the living room or the kitchen, time spent in this relatively small room nonetheless contributes greatly to the basic cleanliness and comfort that strongly define the quality of the rest of the day. Routine irritation over the deficiencies of an older bathtub or shower arrangement can distract attention from the joys of a new day, and bathroom tiles, flooring products and wall coverings do gradually lose their original water-resistant properties and aesthetic appeal. A carefully designed bathroom remodeling project can sharply raise the quality of the bathroom experience and yield a more satisfactory appearance that harmonizes with the rest of the house.


It may become apparent that an existing home is no longer roomy enough for its inhabitants or that its current arrangement of internal spaces is inconvenient or incompatible with a superior and more appealing design. Intelligently expanding a home into unused outside spaces or rearranging internal spaces by selectively redesigning walls and other permanent features often can significantly improve the home experience and increase its resale value. A large spare bedroom can be split into a cozy guest room and a small, professional home office, for example, or a stuffy division of the living room from the kitchen can be opened up into a combined living space that conveys a pleasing impression of open air and exposure to warm sunlight. Parents can greet their new child with a freshly constructed private room, and an older home can make better use of a weedy backyard corner by converting it into a clean, protected storage room that frees up the rest of the house from unnecessary clutter.


What Our Customers Say!

“We cannot express the pleasure it was working with your company from the design phase through completion of our addition and kitchen renovation. You will definitely hear from us for any projects in the future.”

Clintonville, OH

“CBR Construction is a class organization from top to bottom. The crew was punctual, cleaned up at the end of each day, and did a great job on our basement remodel and detached garage. CBR exceeded our hopes and expectations. We will refer CBR to others and will definitely use them again for our next remodel.”

Pickerington, OH

“I truly enjoy my new kitchen and first floor renovations. I have had so many compliments on the design and quality of work. I have already recommended your company to a close friend.”

Pickerington, OH